Our DIY Wedding…


To kick start the types of crafting blogs I may post in the coming months, I thought I’d start by showing you some of the items that I made for our wedding last year. Before we get started, big shout out to our photographer Kate Gray and her husband for the majority of photos shown in this blog post.

The majority of items we created for our big day were made from scratch over a two year planning period. Not long after we got engaged, my husband and I sat down and made a list of what our ultimate dream wedding day would include – no idea was off limits. This was mainly so we could make sure we were having a day we both wanted. Our main goal was to have a fun day with as little stress as possible whilst declaring our commitment to each other in front of our nearest and dearest.

If any of you have planned a wedding before, its not until you start looking at costs that you soon realise that you have to reel your ideas in, its a lot of money for one day… but if you’re going to have just one magical day why not make it your wedding day? However, we didn’t want us to not have the day we wanted just because of money so tried to look into ways we could make savings to keep costs down and still have the day we both dreamed of.

Lucky for my other half, my day job is in project management and I seem to have a natural instinct that thrives on organising (and a weird love for spreadsheets) so I was in my element – I can hand on heart say I loved the planning of our wedding from start to finish, I had an amazing bunch of friends and family around me that just simply helped me so I can’t say I found it stressful – challenging at times but nothing stressful. We had no major family disagreements on plans, everyone was just happy if we were happy and we couldn’t of been more thankful.

So, here’s a quick overview of items that we made, inspired from various facebook groups and pintrest examples. I’m hoping in future posts to do step by step projects that are a shorter read but as a taster, here is a look at it as  is a historic collective. The below shows the majority of items we made for the ceremony and reception which included:

Items all made from scratch #Crafting #Wedding
  • Our Table Plan – made with a canvas, oasis, artificial flowers and hessian.
  • All Favour Boxes – each hand decorated and filled with different charity pins which we collected over the two years.
  • Our Table Names – we went with our favorite films and photo shopped our faces on the posters. Each table had a different frame, again collected over the two years.
  • Glitter Letters & Numbers – individual cardboard numbers decorated with glitter
  • Wine Thank You Tags – template made by yours truly
  • Order Of Service – we decided to go with an old school game and make paper fortune tellers to let everyone know the plans for the day ahead
  • Message To The Groom – Each of my bridesmaids held a word for him to read as they came down the aisle, it read “wait until you see her”.
  • Table Games – It was important for us to keep our guest entertained so we our own bespoke games including table trivia, ring bingo and messages to us.
  • Ceremony Packs – we made tissue packs, confetti bags and flags for each of our guests
  • Chair Sashes – handmade hessian chair sashes made by my mum
  • Sweet Cart – Believe it or not, this was made from scratch by my mum and family members.
  • Bridesmaid Coat Hangers – All wrapped by hand in string, label names made and decorated by flowers that matched our other items
  • Wall Of Love – not sure what else to call this but we up-cycled an old room divider to make it look like a moss wall with flowers and covered it photos of our almost 15 years together

As well as making items to use on the day, we created many as gifts for the wedding party:

Hand crafted #wedding #Gifts
  • Beer Boxes – carry cases which we personalised with each of our groomsmen’s names and filled with favourite beverages
  • Best Man/ MOH Frames – I created the backgrounds to be tailored and personalised to each role as an extra thank you. Our 9 year old nephew asked to be wedding security so he was given the title of ‘best dude’ as he helped with the rings in the ceremony.
  • Fathers of the B&G Frames – we wanted something slightly different for our Dads so created these keepsakes using songs from the wedding (father daughter dance song and the one song we had to play for my father in law as its his favourite)
  • Earring Thank You Boxes – we purchased jewelry for the bridesmaid which they didn’t know about
  • Husband XBox Frame – As a last minute joke on my husband, I worked with our best man to gift him an extra surprise during the speeches (as well as the grooms box I sent him in the morning) with an XBox achievement unlocked frame – he obtained a wife!

There were a few items that we couldn’t totally make from scratch so we with procured specific items to make or direct purchased:


  • Coffee Cups – I found the most amazing lady on Etsy (NcraftNow – can’t link to shop as now shows as closed for a break) They made these amazing Starbucks decals. Once I received them, I simply added them to a reusable Starbucks cup.
  • Confetti Bags – Another Etsy find (TheWeddingPod) who made me some personalised bags. We filled each of them with multi colour biodegradable confetti.
  • Wedding Party Glasses – I had begun to make these but we were running out of time and again found another lovely independent seller on Etsy (SoLovelyWeddings) who created these for us which actually saved us money.
  • Bridal Party Gowns – I found a lovely seller on ebay through one of the facebook groups. I worked with her to create individual characters for my bridal party wearing the same dresses we all were.

There are more items that we made/ had made including personalised activity bags for each child attending (full of colouring books, bubbles, eye spy games, wedding bingo), comic book cufflinks for all of the groomsmen, personalised vintage plates for our mums, all the gift bags and probably a lot of other minor makes.

When we looked at our wedding tracker, making all of these items (and sourcing the correct suppliers for the rest of the wedding) we managed to save £7,000 on what our original ‘ultimate wedding’ was coming in at – we couldn’t believe it! Its true in that when there is a will there is a way.

Obviously what we hadn’t isn’t going to be for everyone, I just wanted to share that it is possible if you put your mind to it and maybe give some brides to be some inspiration.

Have you had a DIY wedding? Feel free to leave any tips and tricks in the comments, or ask any questions on the items that we made.

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